[List phim]

[List phim]

*Note: Đây chỉ là list cá nhân của mình để ghi chú, hòng sắp xếp xem dần nếu có thời gian. Chưa biết có review hay không/ và thật ra, mình thích đọc sách hơn xem phim.

  • Top 10 phim điện ảnh của thế kỷ 21 do New York Times bầu chọn:
  1. There Will Be Blood – Đạo diễn Paul Thomas Anderson

2. Spirited Away – Đạo diễn Hayao Miyazaki – đã xem

3. Million Dollar Baby – Đạo diễn Clint Eastwood

4. A Touch of Sin – Đạo diễn Giả Chương Kha

5. The Death of Mr. Lazarescu – Đạo diễn Cristi Puiu

6. Yi Yi – Đạo diễn Dương Đức Xương (Edward Yang)

7. Inside Out – Đạo diễn Pete Docter và Ronnie del Carmen

8. Boyhood – Đạo diễn Richard Linklater

9. Summer Hours – Đạo diễn Olivier Assayas

10. The Hurt Locker – Đạo diễn Kathryn Bigelow


Kiss Me (Kyss Mig 2011, Sweden).

A Little Bit of Realism Can Result in a Lot More Happiness

A Little Bit of Realism Can Result in a Lot More Happiness


You can make a strong argument that having expectations can cause of a lot of pain. By setting an expectation for a specific outcome, we become heavily invested in that outcome. But so often we aren’t in control of how things turn out. We’re only in control of our day-to-day actions. In other words, we’re often only in control of the process. For instance, we can have expectations about what retirement “should” look like, but we ultimately control very little of the outcome.

Just take a look around. I have a strong sense that what baby boomers expected retirement to look like 40 years ago doesn’t match up very well with the current reality. Things change and circumstances outside our control can upend even the best planned expectations.

Source: A Little Bit of Realism Can Result in a Lot More Happiness